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Experts in the installation of 

FM and DAB radios 

Are you experiencing a hissing noise while listening to your radio? We can install aerials for FM and DAB radios to improve the sound quality.

External aerials

External aerials for DAB systems

Whilst most DAB and FM radios work fine with the built-in aerials, due to location or the construction of buildings, the quality of the reception may not be strong enough in some areas. At Studiophase, we can install separate FM or DAB aerials on roofs, lofts or an area with the best reception. 

Do you have a strong radio signal?

Do you hear a hissing noise from your DAB radio or have interference whilst using your FM radio? A separate aerial connected to the aerial socket of your FM radio or an external aerial attached to the cable of your DAB radio can provide high-quality sound. Our experts are highly trained and can carry out FM and DAB aerial installation for radios of all makes and models.
Duel transmission aerials

Duel transmission aerials 

We can install a combined FM and DAB aerial if you are looking to receive both types of transmission. We are stockists of a wide range of spare parts and can service and repair radio aerials and television satellites of all brands. You can depend on us to set up bespoke home networking systems and communal television systems. We are the only authorised Sky installers on the Isle of Wight, offering you a bespoke service and dedicated customer care.     
Providing services across the Isle of Wight

Hassle-free FM and DAB aerial installations on the Isle of Wight. Get in touch with Studiophase.

01983 404 406

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