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The only authorised independent retailer of Sky

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We are best placed to advise you on the design, installation and servicing of your Sky TV system. Give us a call today for Sky installations, current Sky offers and impartial advice.

Sky phone and broadband

Do you want a reliable phone or broadband service for your home or office? Studiophase can arrange this for you to save you contacting Sky or your existing provider. Get a comparative quote from us if you are moving home or just want to save on your current costs.
  • Line rental applies to receive phone or broadband services - £18.99 p/m
  • Unlimited usage at standard speeds - £10.00 p/m
  • Fibre Broadband with 25 GB per month data usage - £10.00 p/m
  • Fibre Broadband, unlimited up to 38mb/s speed - £20.00 p/m
You can pay for calls as you go if you wish or you can add on these options:
  • Evening and weekend calls - £4.00 p/m
  • Unlimited calls - £8.00 p/m
  • International calls - £12.00 p/m

Customised Sky bundles and prices

At Studiophase, we offer you the option of choosing from different Sky bundles to select the features and channels you want. The monthly cost of the original Sky bundle is £22.00. We can order just the sport you prefer. The complete bundle with HD is £81.50.
  • Sky+ WiFi box - pause, rewind, record and store live TV, with enough storage space for 185 hours of HD TV. Connects with WiFi and is capable of HD and 3D (depending on subscription).
  • Sky+HD WiFi box - this option offers you all the features of Sky+, with five times the picture detail. You will have access to the widest range of HD channels in the UK. HD pack required (from £6 p/m). 3D capable (depending on subscription).

Sky servicing

If your Sky system is not working as it should or if there is a problem with the dish or the cable, give us a call. We can diagnose the fault and fix the problem quickly. Our standard service call charge is £45, and this includes basic work such as re-aligning a dish or remaking a cable end. If parts need to be replaced we can do that too. We offer affordable part replacements for customers on the Isle of Wight.
  • Standard Digibox - £40
  • SkyHD box - £45/£90
  • Sky+ box - £50
  • Sky+HD box - £75/£195
  • Dish (not including LNB) - £25
  • Quad LNB - £20
  • Octo LNB - £30
  • Sky remote control - £15
  • Sky+ remote control - £20
  • Sky+ HD remote control - £20
  • TV link eye - £15
  • I/O TV link adaptor - £25

Sky upgrades and multiscreen

Upgrade to Sky+ HD with the HD pack (from £6.00 p/m extra) and get a brand new box for free with only a £60 installation charge. If you would like a Multiscreen box (+£12.00 p/m) instead of the HD pack, the box is £30 and the installation is £60. Don’t want any extra monthly charges? Upgrade to Sky+ without the HD pack and the box costs £195. The £60 installation charge includes any new parts if required, so even if there is a problem with your system, upgrading may be the way to go. Get in touch with us for more information.
  • Sky+ WiFi box - pause, rewind, record and store live TV, with enough storage space for 185 hours of standard definition TV. WiFi and capable of HD and 3D (depending on subscription) - £149
  • Sky+ HD WiFi Box - enjoy all the features of Sky+ but also access the widest range of HD channels in the UK. HD pack required(from £6 p/m). 3D capable (depending on subscription)
  • Multiscreen - standard installation charge of £60 applies
  • You can get a better deal if you move your existing box to another room and take a Multiscreen subscription on that box (+£12.00 p/m)
  • You can upgrade from a non-HD box to a Sky+ HD WiFi box for free and the existing box becomes the Multiscreen box. (Free if adding the HD pack from £6 p/m or £30 if not)

Sky Go features

Sky Go lets you watch channels from your Sky TV bundle, live and on the move. On selected Android smartphones, iPads, iPhones, laptops and games consoles, wherever you are in the UK, you can watch your favourite television shows and sports via a 3G or WiFi connection. This feature-rich satellite offers you the ultimate TV viewing experience. 
  • Pause and rewind live TV
  • 250GB of space to record Sky TV
  • 185 hours of standard TV or around 60 hours of HD TV
  • Sky On Demand
  • Record an entire series at the touch of a button
  • Control your Sky+ box on the move with the Sky+ app
  • With HD and 3D and built-in WiFi


The newest addition to the Sky portfolio is the Sky Q system. Sky Q is the industry leading TV viewing system.
You can come to us for new subscriptions to Sky Q or to upgrade if you already have Sky.
  • Is it for me?
  • How does it compare to standard Sky?
  • What are the pros and cons?
Please contact us to discuss these questions, as we personalise the answers to you,.

Providing services across the Isle of Wight

Rely on the experts at Studiophase for Sky installations and Sky servicing. Contact us for a free quote. 

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