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Freeview installation 

for homes across the Isle of Wight

When you install Freeview, you will have access to a great range of TV channels without subscription charges.

tv antenna

TV and audio entertainment

In order to receive Freeview channels, you will need to install an aerial. An aerial installed on the roof or on the outside of the house will provide a consistent, high-quality signal. In areas with a strong signal, portable aerials can pick up the full range of digital channels.   

Aerials for digital television

At Studiophase, we can install a fixed aerial to ensure you get the best possible signal at your property. A new aerial cabled to one point starts from £125, however the price may vary depending on where it needs to be sited, and therefore, what type of bracketry is required. Each additional point will cost around £30, plus the cost of any equipment required to split the signal. This depends on the signal level at the property and how many points you would like. 
  • Brand new aerial with a cable to one point -starting from £125
  • Each additional point - £30 
  • Additional cost of equipment required to split the signal
set top box
Humax FreeViewPlay4000T

Set top boxes

  • Humax HDR1800T 

    This box can record and pause live TV, including the 4 HD channels, using a 320GB hard drive - £149

  • Humax FreeViewPlay4000T

    This box can record and pause live TV, including the 4 HD channels, using a 500GB hard drive. It includes catch-up TV - £185
Providing services across the Isle of Wight

Studiophase offers digital television and Freeview installation for customers on the Isle of Wight. Call us for a free quote.

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